Outpatient Program's



 Intensive outpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment program meets up three to five times weekly. They work with our clients to tailor a program that gives them the best chances for success in abstinence, relationships, education and work – as a result, they may be with them for longer or shorter success-based periods.


Outpatient programs addresses the needs of those seeking to take the next step in their addiction treatment in two ways:


First Step into Treatment: Outpatient treatment programs successfully serves individuals who are not requiring, or not ready to commit, to the intensity and demands of  a residential treatment program.


The Next Step in your Continuum of Care: Outpatient program is also well suited for individuals who have completed inpatient or residential treatment and are in need of continuing outpatient care.


The decision to seek treatment for an addiction is not an easy one. While some patients may have the luxury of heading to an inpatient treatment facility for a number of weeks, not everyone may have that option. For those patients, outpatient programs can be highly effective. Outpatient addiction programs offer the same services and benefits as inpatient treatment, while allowing a patient to maintain their daily responsibilities.


What is an Outpatient Program?

An outpatient program is a treatment option that does not require a period of residency. Patients are able to keep up with daily activities and responsibilities while receiving the support and clinical treatment required for achieving and maintaining sobriety. Outpatient programs are customized to the unique needs and interests of the individual patient to ensure the greatest odds of success.


Features of  outpatient program include:

  • Process and education groups

  • Case management and individualized therapy with licensed, certified professional

  • Weekly random drug and alcohol testing

  • Job referral and placement support

  • Vocation counseling and training

  • Education referral and placement support

Other additions that make our outpatient treatment effective include Sober Coaching and Court Services Program. Sober             Coaching matches recovering addicts with sobriety coaches who provide support and guidance customized to that individual patient. Court Services Program include the services of a professional who will attend all court dates and work with the patient’s attorney to ensure the best     possible legal representation.

In addition, an outpatient program offers access to the following services, depending on a patient’s specific needs:

  • Meal planning and nutritional counseling

  • Personal training and education

  • Treatments like chiropractic manipulations, acupuncture and massage

  • Fitness programs like yoga, boxing and tai chi

  • Community outreach and volunteer projects

Who is it For?

The outpatient program is targeted to those who struggle with addiction and may need a higher level of care or support. The program is designed for addicts who need to maintain sobriety in order to integrate into society as a sober individual. Treatment is customized to the individual patient to help that individual rediscover his passions and live a life of sobriety to the fullest.

The choice of addiction treatment is a highly personal one. While some patients need inpatient therapy to kick their addiction, others can significantly benefit from an outpatient program with proper support. We understand the vital role outpatient therapy can play in the life of an addict and offers customizable treatment option for those patients. 


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