To provide a comprehensive and supportive role in a clients continuing care as they transition into their daily lives outside of sober living. Our service offers accountability and unparalleled communication and transparency in the lives of those we service. We ensure quality continued recovery from drugs and alcohol, through urine analysis, breathylizing and clinical support from qualified staff with years of sobriety and experience.  Our belief is that through Next Step Recovery’s After Care program our clients have a significantly greater chance of remaining sober long term versus moving out on their own without support or oversight.



Services Provided:


  • Weekly one on one clinical evaluations of clients mental health and overall wellbeing

  • Structured guidance on work schedule/school, recovery meetings, and healthy social lifestyle with supportive relationships

  • Weekly comprehensive clinical report summarizing client’s progress

  • Prior to discharge from Next Step Recovery, we will oversee and guide the client in making sensible and healthy choices as to their living arrangements, and possible roommates.

  • Provide an itemized budget and allowances for clients to stay within for healthy spending habits.

  • Provide comprehensive drug and alcohol screening weekly


We look forward to a long-term relationship with the client and their families, helping to restore their health and wellbeing as they build a productive and sober lifestyle that is lasting.