Our luxury homes stand out above the rest with well-appointed facilities and above standard amenities, from beach-side to pool-side. We want you to be proud of where your at in your recovery, and proud that we’re a part of it. We are a “destination” for sober livings in California.


We are known throughout the community for having one of the most structured Sober Living facilities in CA. Our rules, life skills training, cleanliness, testing and 12 step requirements are our passion.


We work closely with almost every major PHP and IOP provider in the areas we serve, providing unparalleled daily communication about every single client. We also believe in constant communication with parents and the family members. Giving the client one consistent message from all aspects of their recovery.

Next Step Recovery, LLC is based in beautiful downtown Huntington Beach, California – known around the world

for its scenic beauty, surf and sun.  At Next Step Recovery, LLC, we provide our guests with the highest quality 

sober living. 




Next Step Recovery provides an unparalleled sober living environment allowing for a true transition back into a long-term healthy lifestyle. We currently service a wide variety of clients all age ranges, diagnoses, and backgrounds. Specifically, our skilled staff provides quality structure and communication for our clients.  Intensive training in life skills, vocational planning, and quality personal relationships, while reinforcing their sobriety through strong sponsorship and meeting attendance. 


A Step Above the Rest


What makes us different; “quality, structure, and communication”. It is clear that there are a myriad of sober livings to choose from, all that include testing and some even offer a structured approach. Our approach is evidenced by our extensive systems in place to provide consistency and excellence in our service delivery. We pride ourselves in our quality, so that every client gets the same amazing level of care at an above standard facility.  Our systematic approach and the level of comfort we provide at our properties, makes clients feel that there is no need to rush their recovery. Sober living does not have to be a quick stop on their journey, they feel comfortable to stay with us for as long as their personal recovery program requires. When compared with its competitors, Next Step Recovery stands out in several respects:


Structured Approach: We give clients the opportunity to grow and challenge themselves in their current place in life and recovery through structure. It is our daily task with each client to ensure they are applying necessary life skills such as cleanliness, waking up on time, chores and relationships to their everyday lives, improving wherever possible.


Testing: Without fail, we test three times a week, with additional random testing including regular breathalyzing of all clients.


12 Step Based: We not only encourage clients to seek outside meeting and work with a sponsor, we also lead by example, often taking clients to meetings with our staff and helping them get introduced to a strong sober support group. We want them to be active with a sponsor and be working through the 12 steps and offer any support and guidance they need along the way.


Communication: We work closely with the organizations we partner with. Managers send out daily communication to case managers updating them on client progress, as well as bi-weekly “one on one’s” performed with each client to get an in depth report of where they are at in their recovery. Consistently reaching out to case managers and family members giving updates on their progress along the way. 



Future Planning: We are passionate about getting our clients back into the work force, or sometimes into their very first real jobs. Also, we provide the perfect environment and strong support for those interested in continuing their education, or getting clients back into school so they can complete their degrees. If approved by the clients case manager, we require that that each client stays active and participates in either work or education. We start discussions about finances, savings plans, and what their goals are. Sober living is the perfect starting point to provide the building blocks for a successful future.